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What is a GMT watch?

GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time, but what does that indicate on a watch?
GMT is the base time zone from which all others reference. A GMT watch displays a second time zone in addition to the 12 hour local time zone on a standard watch.
This second time zone can be set to GMT, or another time zone, thus displaying the time in two locations simultaneously.

British Design

Having studied design and run a design agency, we placed importance on the design of each element of the GMT collection.
Multiple iterations were crafted and refined in order to create a harmonious, minimal, but functional timepiece.
We hope you’ll enjoy the detailing in the resulting New York, London, Sydney and Hong Kong models.

Swiss Made

Switzerland is world renowned for being the epicentre of high quality watch manufacturing. Our watches are hand-made by our Swiss Partner in the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland.
Watches are meticulously checked and tested for quality before leaving the atelier.

2 Year Warranty

Watches come with a two year warranty, which covers the movement and watch dial for any manufacturing faults. General wear and tear or damage is excluded.

Leather Straps

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