Our Story

After working for more than a decade in digital design, brothers Ed and Will Allen decided to switch from designing and producing digital products to physical ones, swapping pixels and bugs for dials and lugs.

When travelling often between countries and changing time zones, it sparked an interest in GMT watches. Frustratingly we could not find a timepiece that had the right degree of modern design and elegant style.

Having worked in London’s design district – Shoreditch for over a decade, and residing in Greenwich – home of international timekeeping, they had the knowledge and inspiration to start IOTA.

With the increasingly connected world we live in, IOTA passionately believes that a beautifully designed analogue timepiece should accompany you everywhere you go, around the world or at home.

Our Ethos

British Design

Iota produce watches for the modern day traveller utilising years of experience working in the design industry in London. British design is regarded amongst the best and most innovative in the world.


Iota design watches with simplicity in mind  across all aspects of watch design. Our approach is definitely less is more. We go through multiple iterations and improvements before any design is completed.

Attention to Detail

Each and every watch we produce goes through rigorous testing and quality control before being boxed for each customer. Iota pay attention to the small details so you don’t have to.

Swiss Made

Iota watches are made in the Lugano region of southern Switzerland, showcasing the best of Swiss craftsmanship and engineering by using Swiss movements and adhering to 'Swiss Made' regulations.

Our Philosophy

Iota showcases the best of British design and Swiss craftsmanship. We value simplicity and attention to detail when producing our watches. Our influences range from Dieter Rams to Thomas Heatherwick.

Our Mission

Our goal is to produce beautiful timeless watches that are built to last and handed down through generations. By using the latest manufacturing techniques we aim to showcase and promote the best of Swiss watchmaking.

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